Thursday, January 3, 2019

You need to be ready

Was listening on the winter talks on Swedish radio. This episode was with Mikey Dee the drummer from Motorhead who happens to be Swedish.

A good episode, the ending was really wise. he was talking about all these idol programs that he was thankful that he had done his career in slow motion forward. To be thrown out there on a big stage is hard for any good artist. It's usllay impossible. You need to see your career in a longer perspective.

And I can only agree. Too many artists think they will get their career in full bloom in just one year. Just find that right person, play on that tv program. In many cases, they don't even know what this magical moment will be.

The magical moment is actually a chain reaction of several star moments that come into a supernova. many times people are to busy to get to the supernova to enjoy the star moments. and everything is in the eyes of the beholder.

So your label took you to the biggest festival in your own country and let you play in front of industry people in Los Angeles and gave you a gold record? All in one year. Would that be a success and a good job? No, the artist left the label saying they were not doing a good job.

Your manager brought you two European tours. Playing on the biggest festival in the world. Got you to play shows on a world tour on all continents. Get you a record deal and play on the biggest Tv shows.  All in two years. Would that be a success and a good job? No, the artist complained that they were not going where they should and left.

The part in these stories is that the artists are not ready. They want to jump the steps and do it very fast. I was checking some applications on our web. And there was an artist complaining that it was hard to do an application and wanted to send the songs straight into our mailbox.

No, this artist is not ready to send the songs in the mailbox. I wonder if the artist was up against real applications where you don't get a second chance. Like the artist that was taken out to a showcase in Los Angeles and after two songs in the set of 35 minutes he just said, Seems like no one is listening so I quit now. He went off the stage and we had to prepare the next band to play longer. The sad part was that an industry people came five minutes later that wanted to do something with him. When he heard what happened he just said,
- He is not ready!
And left the bar.

I haven't heard anything around this artist anymore either. He was not ready, that was totally right. If he had been ready he had just kept going and got that opportunity. Here he blew it off. So you need to be ready for the moment.

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