Monday, October 23, 2017

Are you doing a release or a facebook post?

Right now that is a good question? Seems like most people don't realize that PR takes time. When we work with record labels they usually get up to 10 weeks before to make all the PR stuff that is needed. Okay if you are not famous 6 weeks is enough.

When I get people telling us that they need the stuff on Spotify the next day. They really know there will be no what so ever PR done around that release. The only thing they really do is making something happing so they can do a Facebook post around that they released a new song. if you are lucky they also sponsor that damn post. Still, it's a very expensive way to make Facebook posts.

The funny part is it's almost people that think they are professionals who do this. Most amateur at least uploads a week or two ahead. The fast ones are usually studios and other people claiming to know how.

These people are mainly the reason why the music industry is mainly going from an industry to a hobby.

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