Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Can you handle the pressure?

Since I look on a career as a long distance running, it’s about endurance. Still when it comes to some part of the race you really have to strengthen and run faster for a couple of miles. Can you handle that pressure?

Most answer yes, but in reality the answer is no. Many times we get artists that complain that nothing happens and they want more tasks and so on. But when the shit really hits the fan and it becomes a reality of how much is really needed they bail out.

Usually the case is that when they complain they actually don’t have anything to do. But when things start to move they are not expecting the amount of things that is really necessary for example a release. Suddenly the photos must be taken, the video done, uploading, biography, ne homepage and so on. And it should have been done yesterday.

In most cases we warn them. Telling them to do the shit while they have time over. In 90% in the cases they don’t listen and ends up with panic towards the release. I guess it’s like when you go to school, you push up that reading until the last minute. I guess it’s human, still can you handle the pressure?

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