Friday, April 21, 2017

Female creation stands back of male conservatism.

Yes I work with a lot of female artists. I like working with them, since they usually have another view of things. But one thing bothers me in the process.

When you find a great female songwriter they usually get pushed down by male songwriter that trys to put them into their conservative boxes. And the strange part is that they usually follow that even since they are very strong and knows their things in other fields.

Many times my hardest process is to free there girls from being hijacked into these boxes. Many times in the office we hear a great song first as a demo. Then the girl goes to form a band or get a producer (often a male ones in both cases) then suddenly all these things that was great with the demo is just gone. Replaced with things that has been done for century’s and sounds almost the same.
You go back and say, okay it’s was better before. But no, now it’s much better because this guy says that these are the  frequencies that was used by Led Zeppelin, or this is how Bruce Springsteen wrote “Born in the USA”.

And many times there is when a star was snuffed.

In some cases they actually break free after a while and go back to that cool stuff they were doing. Still that is a process that can take years and we really don’t have time to have a person find themselves. In many cases they guy just hangs on like a leech that you can’t get rid of.

Then you say, well give these girls female producers and bands? Not that easy. A large quantity of the post are taken hostage by feminists that just do it as a gender issue. And many of these are just there because of their gender not that they are good. We have even organizations and camps here in Sweden that don’t take in the best female musicians, works, producers just because they don’t have the right “view”.

Of course this is just a generalization in the top levels are equally good men and women that are really good producers and musicians. Unfortunally you can’t reach these people with a fresh talent. In those early days in a career in the dark water lures both equally bad men and women to drag these down.

What I have noticed is that it’s more women to get into the trap. The guys are standing up and just say fuck these frequencies and I don’t care what Bruce wrote. They girls just take these dragging down people to their hart and just let these people be fault free. Everything they do is “right”. Until you can point out years later, that this was not the case.

I don’t have an answer why it is this way. I just can see that it’s very common.

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