Friday, June 7, 2019

Don't ponder to much!

Most careers are abruptly ended by very poor decisions. When your ball is rolling you just keep on going. 
I guess during touring you get to much time to think. I know my self I spend a lot of time in waiting halls of airports. Suddenly your mind wonders off and you start thinking of what if you just quit it all and just got a nine to five job and lived a normal life. Or why are you doing this, should be nice just do something else. Or if you skipped the artists and just worked the long tail instead? So much easier!
Suddenly you are off focus and start to make bad decisions. Start all over when you are this far would be really stupid. Just hang in and half of the career is won.

But yes it's tempting I would admit.

Still these changes if they are to often will kill your career. It's like when Dee Dee Ramone suddenly should be a rapper. Too much thinking in the wrong direction. The distraction made him lose quite much valuable time to do the right thing.

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