Friday, September 29, 2017

You don't lose on the delay!

I have been working on a song that got stuck in the system for a couple of days. It got me thinking when this happens and you don't have a great person behind it. In the case I'm on right now the artist is great but I have meet worse cases.

Errors always happen. You can't get around it. If you release on a certain date and it won't happen well it's not good but not the end of the world.
Many times you get from the artist when it happens that it's so important with this release and now they have lost so many people not listening to it.
This argument is so bloody boring. People won't be, ohh it's not out 5 of September I will never listen to that song. And your old stats show that your past three releases have not gone over 1000 listens on Spotify and you have 16 followers and 50 monthly listeners. I don't think this release is so special that it would draw a million streams.

Many big bands actually use the tactic of just release the song and let the audience find it.

But we had a release party and it was not on Spotify. Well, that is also kind of dumb, you had the master play it in the speakers get the email addresses and send a message to them when it's up.

Yes, turn all the delay to your advantage instead of acting like a victim.

No, you didn't lose several thousand dollars on that release being delayed. Don't give me that crap.

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