Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It’s like taken the shit you just shit and wipe you ass with it!

It's interesting with Eurovision song contest (don’t be sorry if you don't have that in your country, it's the worst kind of entertainment, imagine Idol but worse). It's almost the only window now a day for the major companies. And every year when you speak with the organizers they want to be cooler, have better artists and better songs and be up to date with the rest of the music industry.

And every year they fail miserably.

They seem to go full in to find this artist that a local opening of a shopping center never will use. Or dig up old Idol artists that are not good enough. It’s all the opposite against what they talk about the rest of the year.

Even the Swedish presenters are like the worst of the worst. They take old farts of artists that have been in the completion to present the new shit. It’s like taken the shit you just shit and wipe you ass with it. This is the artist that are worse the Michel Bublé and only comes out on Christmas because you need to be so shit wasted to even hear them sing.

Michael Buble 

They take in the big failures like The Foo Conspiracy. This is a Swedish boyband. Yes you have never heard of it if you are outside Sweden. To be honest I never heard a song from them. Still they had a lot of small girls following them a couple of years ago. And now they make a last attempt (with one member short) in Eurovision. Tragic!

They take out Charlotte Perelli, who won the whole shit a couple a years ago. Since she only has worked with opening shopping mall since then. I guess she needs to be in the limelight for a bit. Same with the dreadful artist Loreen that won with Euphoria couple years ago. She is barely opening up shopping malls today.

Where have they dug up Roger Pontare? This is as bad as putting out a new single with Vanilla Ice.

Then you have the artists that are on every year, Ace Wilder, Lisa Ajax, Mariette. Failed artists that now just have to do Eurovision. Now also joining the parade is Jasmine Kara who really is the most failed artist ever. Of course they also have taken in artists that people listens to but is ashamed to listen to like De vet du.

The of course the artist they take in just so they can say that they have diversity. The hardrock band Dissmissed. Every hard rock band that has been on is just not taken seriously. Maybe they can no play on Sweden Rock since it was bought by Live Nation and they will probably destroy the lineup with bands like The Poodles. Sabaton Open Air is heading the same way, so maybe they can play there as well in front of the taco tent.
In this section is Les Gordons that we publish some songs of. They are put there just to be fill out with their rock’n’roll. Unfortunally my guess is that they won’t go further in their group. I’m surprised if they go to the second chance. In reality there is no backup on them and they are more in as a reason to tell the people that yes we have all genres, not excluding anyone. But all press goes on all old Idols stars and other stuff they just drown in the 10 other artist that universal will put money on.

A jojking same who is from South America. Yes Eurovision is like a freak show. And to top that you get Owe Thörnqvist, now we have a frak show a big freak show!

Värsta skandalen är schlagerfinalen där menlösa får visas upp varje år......

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