Friday, November 18, 2016

Get out from the backstage area!

I was working with the Magnettes again ( a lot of them right now since they have been in Stockholm for a week ). They had a secret show on the chamber of commerce in Stockholm last night. And they are pro on the things they do.

First they do a great show. But afterwards they just go backstage, calm down for a few minutes. Then they go out and mingle with the audience. Especially in gig like this where it is many influential people gathering it’s so important. I watch them talking to people in over 30 minutes until the end to get connections and make people remember them.

I go so many examples where bands just go back stage after the show. Grab some of the beers that are there. Take in some friends and keep the party there. Sure you are tired after a show. But the work is going on, actually that is the most important part, it’s here you can get feedback and get fans into super fans.

And this is actually not new. I read about Metallica (who released a new album today)  that made that their strategy to hang in front of the stage after gigs talking to fans to get more info how the show was and what they can improve.

And yes this helps. I know so many bands I have seen and wanted some information but they went somewhere backstage and never came back. Even so stranger with bands doing that when they invited me to see the show and then just ended up partying with their friends backstage.

So did things helped for The Magnettes, yes they just got a cool thing going on with Vitamin Well that sprung out from being backstage talking to people. 

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