Thursday, November 10, 2016

Don't pay money for bad education.

It’s really scary when you see people paying a lot of money for education in the music industry and after a couple of year’s education don’t know the difference between a record label and a publisher. Neither see the difference between a master owner and publishing rights.

I bump into these people from time to time and I’m really bored to have to explain the most foundation there is in the music industry. Sure artist asking this question is totally fine. But a person that has spent over three years in education it’s really not acceptable.

The sad thing is that these people goes out to artists and actually claim that they have knowledge. Also they get artists really bad deals and really bad experience about the industry. They also make a fool about themselves, they usually fuck up things on the first try.

I say it again, if the education dosen't is part of the Universitys in Sweden and you have to pay for the education, you might don't get what you need (and as usual i'm not allowed to tell you wicth educations that really sucks, but send me a message and I will).

I wrote about this a year ago if you need advice to choose education. Unfortunally it is in Swedish.


  1. Hej! Jag är intresserad av vilka en bör undvika, och om du har nåt tips på skolor / kurser.