Thursday, November 3, 2016

Don't fake your numbers

I'm going through demos for them moment. And I guess I will write a lot around mistakes during a presentation to professional people in the industry.

I got one here that started off pretty good, but she was telling how she had over 100 000 streams on her first self-released album. Okay the album is over 4 years old so 100 000 streams into 9 songs is actually not that of an eye catcher.

I went into her Spotify and checked it out. And it looked odd. Yes she had 9 songs with around 10000 streams each. But that was the problem. All songs had around 10000 to 13000 streams. If you look on a normal famous artist on Spotify for example Tegan and Sara. Their top five songs looks like

Closer 32 million
Where does the good go  14 million
100x  2,7 milion
boyfriend  5,1 million
Everyhting is AWESOME!!!! 11million

Yes these five are hits but they have different amount of streams. If you take a one hit wonder like Vanilla Ice it looks like.

Ice Ice Baby 44 million...and then it's Ice Ice Baby
in different versions (different ISRC kodes).

So other songs is
Play that funky music 460 000 streams
Baby Got Back 690 405 streams
You dropped a bomb on me 272 139 streams
Jump Around 282 638 streams

So not over a million on the rest of the songs for Vanilla Ice. And that is normal. Usually the singles has more streams then album tracks. So that this has almost exact on all songs just screams fake figures. So I went on to how many listeners the artist has. It was only 20 listeners and they were all from the same city.

So the conclusion is that it´s one person that streams the whole album over and over again (we can just guess who that might be?). Which is not illegal, but today when most things can be cross referenced it's just stupid. Also often i you have an album out the first songs has more streams then the last songs if nothing is promoted.

And to brag about your amount of streams in this way..well not that good.

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